witches, man (at Salem Witch Trial Memorial)

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it’s 2 pm lets sample beer (at Samuel Adams Beer Factory)

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THE MAYFLOWER YO (at Plymouth Rock)

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at Plymouth Rock

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commuter rail sup (at South Station)

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not a bad view (at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center)

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the sabres and bruins are playing in boston right no while I’m in boston. needless to say I wimped out of wearing my jersey today

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good morning boston (at Hyatt Regency Boston)

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boston I’m here!!!

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Limited Edition TFiOS Preparedness Kit

This pack includes:

Drawstring backpack
Exclusive tissue pack
Exclusive sunglasses
Lapel pin (metal, butterfly clutch clasp)
3 exclusive postcards
3 exclusive stickers

Get ready for TFiOS!

This was my dad’s idea. He’s amazing.

Our parents are so awesome/hilarious/great. We really won the parent lottery. Anyway, you can get the TFIOS Preparedness Pack at DFTBA.com.


when youtube videos automatically start without ads


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apparently I decided on a pastel color theme for my newest purchases for boston. mint, dusty pink, and a pale pastel purple

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